Fig Tree Roots
Fig Tree Roots


Most days I believe I'm the reincarnation of Sookie St. James (if you don't know who that is, I suggest you watch an episode or two of the Gilmore Girls), but everyone usually calls me Yasemin. Born in Philadelphia, raised in Detroit, moved to London, now living in Oklahoma.... quite dramatic once I add my Babylonian, Persian and Ottoman ancestery to the mix. My passion for food started in my mother's kitchen and is consistently fueled by my husband's love to explore new foods (yes, we travel just to eat...) 


Why Fig Tree Roots?

Back in 2013, I stumbled upon a raw key lime pie recipe that had everyone asking for more. Naturally, my brother and I had this wonderful (ambitious) idea of selling raw vegan pies and thus creating our own company. That afternoon, while we both sat on our younger brother's bunkbeds we spent hours trying to come up with a brand name... eventually we decided on Fig Tree Pies. After a few weeks and many failed recipes, the dream fell through. However, I kept the name until I decided to start a blog. When starting my blog, I wanted a name that was more inclusive of what represented me and what I do... and so yet again the creative process began. Surprisingly, "roots" was not an obvious choice for me but once it came to mind, everything fell into place. Fig Tree Roots showcases the essence of who I am, what I've experienced and where I've been... my roots. 


Want to get in touch?

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