Kuku Sabzi: Persian Herb Frittata

Kuku Sabzi: Persian Herb Frittata

One fine day, I decided to accompany my mother-in-law to the grocery store to buy a few items. After a little while roaming the aisles, we made our way to the check out till and produced our intended purchases. We laid out our groceries to the cashier; 4 bags of cilantro, 4 bags of parsley, 2 bags of green onions, a heap of spinach and 2 dozen eggs... all desperately trying to stay contained in their very confined spaces. The cashier ever so dramatically rolls up his eyes and says "Now what in the Lord's name are you going to do with all this??" I laughed and said "Sir, we're making a Persian Herb Frittata, and all that is going in it." His eyes lit up and so did his smile, he went on saying how he loves cooking and is always looking to try something new, so that night he said he would make kuku. And that my dear reader, is how you spread love and kuku. 



This recipe conveniently makes a far smaller portion than what my mother-in-law would normally make. Also, her original recipe calls for spinach. I happened to have a lot of fresh dill on hand. Hence the lack of spinach this time around. You can play around with the herbs and add more of a certain herb and less of another if you'd like. 



Here's a quick tip... some people prefer to only season either the beaten eggs or the herbs once pulsed. I do both, the reason being so that every bite has the right bit of salt and seasoning. There's nothing more dissatisfying than rather random bland bite. Please season responsibly. 



When you've poured the egg and herb mixture into the hot pan (and reduced the heat), you can the throw in the barberries (or 'zereshk' in farsi). Make sure you have washed and dried them before using, sometimes they can be quite dirty with a random stone here or there. If you are not familiar with Persian cooking, then you probably have no idea what barberries are, not worry... I have linked where you can find them on amazon here



Kuku Sabzi: Persian Herb Frittata 



2 bunches flat leaf Italian parsley

2 bunches cilantro

2 bunches green onion 

1 bunch (not the tiny herb packages) fresh dill

7 eggs, beaten


ground black pepper


1/4 cup zareshk (barberries), washed and dried

3-4 tbsp olive oil



1. Thoroughly wash and dry all herbs and remove any large or thick stems from parsley, cilantro and dill. Cut the ends of the green onions. 

2. Chop finely in food processor, I like to do each herb (and green onions) separately. 

3. Add chopped herbs and green onions to a large bowl, season with salt and pepper (to your taste) and a dash on cinnamon. I would say you would need between 1/4-1/2 tsp of cinnamon. Mix until well-combined.

5. Beat eggs, add more salt and pepper and mix in with herb mixture until uniform. 

6. Heat up a large pot and add olive oil, the pan should be quite hot when you put the egg mixture in. Once you add the egg mixture, turn down the heat to medium-low and add barberries now. Push the barberries down into the mixture to avoid them falling off while flipping. Cook uncovered for about 20-30 minutes or until the bottom has browned. 

7. Slice the kuku while its still cooking, you can either cut them like pie slices or into squares. I just find it easier to slice into triangles. 

8. This will help you tremendously; heat up another pan, preferably a flat breakfast pan. When the kuku has cooked on one side, take out each individual piece and transfer to the other pan to cook the remaining side. You only need about 4-5 minutes to brown the other side. No need for excessive heat, as most of the kuku should be cooked by now. 

9. Enjoy with toasted bread (of any kind really) and pickled gherkins!